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    Hear from our doctors on what it’s like to work at The Grand Family Dental

    The most important personality trait to work in this office is positivity. You have to be positive. Also, you have to be genuine and you have to care… truly care. If you don’t truly care, are not genuine, this is not the office for you. If you don’t wanna come in, work hard then it’s not the office for you. At The Grand Family Dental, we work hard and we play hard.

    ~Dr. Woods

    In order to work at Grand Family Dental, you really would need to be empathetic to other people’s situations. And be a people person. You don’t have to be the biggest talker but you need to be able to interact with people so they will feel comfortable.

    ~Dr. Alston

    The most important part of being in dentistry is definitely education. You can’t do better unless you know better. So it’s my job to make sure that I explain to each of the patients in a way that resonates with them the best. I don’t wanna be monotone and say one thing to every single patient because everyone’s different, so I just learn about my patient I try to figure out how can I help this patient out, and once I can get that accomplished and I see improvement in their dental behavior then I am a winner
    and so was that patient as well. This is improving the quality of life.

    ~Dr. Woods

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