Dental Crowns Help Restore Your Tooth’s Biting Surface

Dental Crowns Help Restore Your Tooth’s Biting Surface

May 01, 2021

Do you have a tooth severely worn down, fractured, broken, discolored, or decayed? It is time for you to see the dentist near you to determine how you can restore the tooth’s biting surface. The dentist will assess your situation to determine whether a dental crown is a suitable treatment option for you.

Are you aware of what dental crowns are? Dental crowns are thin tooth-shaped caps created from porcelain, metal, or a mixture of both to encase the visible portion of the tooth. Dental crowns are made from several materials. The materials are porcelain ceramic which is the most popular and is suitable for teeth visible when you smile. Porcelain repairs resemble the color and form of the surrounding teeth and blend with them seamlessly.

You can also have metal crowns if you need the restoration on a molar or want to conceal a tooth that recently underwent root canal treatment. If you want a mixture of porcelain and metal, a dental crown in Pflugerville can create one for you to provide restoration durability and aesthetics simultaneously.

How Do You Benefit from Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns provide many benefits helping with the aesthetics and functionality of the affected tooth. Dental crowns offer significant structural advantages with increased strength and stability to the tooth. If you must have a porcelain crown on your front teeth, they deliver aesthetic results by matching your existing teeth’ color, texture, and transparency.

The Treatment Procedure For Dental Crowns

The treatment procedure for dental crowns begins with an appointment with the dentist in Pflugerville and accomplished in a couple of visits. During your first appointment, the dentist will assess your situation and discuss the treatment with you. You also can inquire with the dentist about any questions you have in mind.

Your tooth preparation begins in the next step to accommodate the dental crown. The front, back, and sides of your tooth are filed down to make space for a dental crown. The dentist takes impressions to have your customized crown created by the dental laboratory; however, as your tooth is structurally weakened, you receive a temporary crown over the tooth until your permanent restoration arrives from the laboratory.

The dental lab requires two to three weeks to customize your dental crown, after which you must schedule another appointment with our dentist near you. During the second appointment, the dentist checks the permanent crown for fit and color on your teeth before removing the temporary crown and cement the permanent restoration on your tooth.

How Long Will the Restoration on Your Tooth?

How long the restoration remains on your tooth depends on many factors such as the material used for the crown, the location of the placement, and your oral hygiene habits. Generally, dental crowns last for over a decade. However, you can increase your crown’s longevity by practicing excellent dental hygiene habits like brushing two times a day for two minutes each and flossing without fail. Your crowned teeth may not need special attention but need help from you to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. You can comfortably avoid any such occurrences by visiting your dentist frequently for cleanings and exams.

Dental crowns don’t decay or develop cavities but are susceptible to gum disease, which occurs when you don’t maintain appropriate oral hygiene practices. After having expensive restorations for your decayed or damaged tooth, it would be gross injustice on your part to neglect them unless you fancy having restorations on your teeth repeatedly.

Are Dental Crowns Expensive?

Dental restorations are not affordable, and most, including dental crowns, can set you back financially. The material you choose for the repair, the experience of the dentist providing the treatment, and any other dental treatments you need before dental crown placement all play a role in the final price of the crown. However, you can expect to pay around $ 1700 per tooth if you wish to have it restored to deliver aesthetics and functionality.

Most dental insurers consider dental crowns a cosmetic procedure and are unlikely to reimburse the costs of the restoration. Therefore you may have to prepare yourselves in advance before you visit the Pflugerville dentist requesting a remedy to safeguard your decayed or damaged tooth.

After covering your tooth with a dental crown, you receive its strength and functionality besides the aesthetics to continue living with your natural tooth that would otherwise need extraction or fall of because of damage or decay.

If you are planning to get dental crowns in Pflugerville, TX, call us now to book an appointment with our dentist near you. If you are a resident of areas like Vista Business, Pierson Business Center, Windermere, Central Commerce Business Park, Pamela Heights, Foothills, and surrounding areas, you can also book an appointment with our dentist.

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