Dental Fillings: Everything you Need to Know 

Dental Fillings: Everything you Need to Know 

Apr 01, 2020

Poor hygiene causes dental decay, which affects not only your oral health but also the integrity of the teeth. The primary goal of the Grand Family Dental team is to preserve your natural teeth. If the teeth are not severely damaged, the dentist will opt for dental fillings instead of tooth extraction to restore the function and structure of your teeth. Before you can ignore these teeth fixtures, here are four things to note:

    1. Cavity filling are Available in Different Materials

Several dental fillings designs are available and differ in style, cost, and durability.

      • Amalgam fillings are affordable and are made of several materials such as silver, copper, zinc, and alloy. They are also resistant to wear and tear, but on the downside, they are visible. There have been several concerns about the mercury content in the fillings, but the American Dental Association, as well as the Centers for Disease Control, report that the amount is negligible and can’t cause any harm.
      • Composite fillings are tooth-colored and are best suited for mid-sized cavities. On the one hand, the fillings are versatile and bonded-to the teeth, but on the other, they are not durable and are prone to chipping.
      • Gold cavity fillings are tolerated well by the gums and are durable. However, the gold fillings are expensive compared to the rest of the materials.
      • Glass ionomer are fillings that contain fluoride and can protect your teeth from cavities
      • Porcelain or ceramic fillings are also available and are bonded directly to the teeth

Any of these fixtures can work, but first, speak to the dentist on which option is convenient for you.

    1. The Dental Filling Procedure is Not-Time Consuming

Before the procedure, the dentist will give you an outline of the process and what risks are involved. After the dental assessment, we numb your gums with anesthesia to reduce discomfort.

Next, the decay is scrapped off, teeth cleaned and sterilized, and prepared for the cavity filling. The cavity will be sealed with a suitable dental filling material. Finally, the teeth will be buffed and polished for a shiny look. This dental process may take about an hour to complete.

    1. The Fillings Are Not Permanent but Can Last for Long

The longevity and lifespan of the cavity closures will depend on the material chosen and dental habits, but on average, they can last between seven and 15 years.

    1. A Few Risks May Arise After the Filling Are Fixed

There will have tooth sensitivity after the fillings are fixed, but it resolves in a few days. No medication is required, but you should avoid the things that make you sensitive such as extreme hot and cold foods. In severe sensitivity, you may use desensitizing toothpaste but only as advised by the dentist.

Pain, when biting down or chewing, may also arise. This could be a problem with the filling size, so contact the dentist for reshaping or changing the filling to fit your teeth size and shape.

Although allergic reactions are rare, they can occur, primarily if the silver fillings are used. Some symptoms of a silver filling reaction include rashes and itching.

Bruxism and constant chewing of the teeth will eventually cause the cavity fillings to deteriorate and develop tiny cracks. It’s hard to tell if your fillings are worn down, but the dentist can detect the problem early with regular checkups.

    1. Aftercare is Needed to Maintain the Durability

Good dental hygiene is essential in preventing the accumulation of plaques. Avoid eating hard and sticky foods for at least 24 hours after the procedure to prevent dislodging or cracking it. Don’t forget to visit the dentist for a dental checkup for assessment and cleaning.

Take Away

Only the dentist can recommend a filling based on the severity of the dental cavity. After the assessment, the dentist will either prescribe a dental filling, root canal, or extraction. Visit The Grand Family Dentistry for a proper evaluation to determine if you are eligible for the fillings.

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