Emergency Dentistry

What is considered an emergency for teeth?

Toothaches and trauma involving the face and or oral cavity (mouth) as well as tooth abscess (dental infection) which can be in the form of gum swelling, or facial swelling.

When should you go to the ER for Dental Emergencies?

If facial swelling from tooth infection occurs.

What are the symptoms of a tooth infection spreading?

An abscess forms and the swelling associated with it gets bigger. Sometimes pus is seen in the area as well as increased pain/sensitivity.


What signs indicate the need for endodontic treatment?

Spontaneous pain on a tooth, if dental abscess/infection (gum swelling) is apparent, or if you’re experiencing long lingering cold or hot temperature sensitivity.

What procedures do endodontists perform?

Pulpal (nerve) therapies that involve removing bacteria from the pulp (nerve). There are multiple forms depending on the maturity of the tooth, and the severity of the bacterial infiltration into the nerve.

Cosmetic Dentistry

How long do dental bridges usually last?

Bridges typically last 10-20 years depending on oral hygiene, eating and biting habits. The worse the oral hygiene the chance of new decay starting increases, as well as a bone loss condition called periodontitis. Eating sticky candy and chewing on ice reduces longevity. Also dental habits such as using teeth to open hard inanimate objects and grinding teeth while sleeping without use of a nightguard can increase chance of bridge failure.

How many teeth can be on a dental bridge?

Usually 6 teeth total, where two teeth are used as anchors supporting the 4 missing teeth in between.

How long do dental veneers last?

Dental veneers typically last 10-20 years with good oral hygiene and care.

Preventive Dentistry

Why is preventative dentistry so important?

The purpose of preventive dentistry is to help avoid problems such as tooth decay, gingival infection (gingivitis), and periodontal disease (the loss of the bone supporting teeth).

Sedation Dentistry

What types of sedation are used at your office?

Oral conscious sedation. This is the use of sedatives in a liquid form to help relieve anxiety.

Is Sedation safe?

Yes. Patients seeking sedation will have to have an examination to determine if they are a good candidate for oral conscious sedation.

General Dentistry

How often should I see the Dentist?

Depending on your oral health status, time frames span from every 3 months to every 6 months

Is it safe to go to the dentist when I’m pregnant?

Yes. Those patients who are pregnant, or suspect that they are pregnant should consult with an OBGYN doctor first to obtain a clearance of what the patient can have done at the dental office, and to determine what medications can or can not be used. Pregnant patients should have their teeth cleaned due to pregnancy hormones which can lead to pregnancy gingivitis.

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