Fluoride Treatment: Check out These four Facts!

Fluoride Treatment: Check out These four Facts!

Aug 01, 2020

You cannot deny the role played by your teeth. Besides chewing and breaking your food into smaller parts, teeth provide aesthetic value. With regular usage, the quality of teeth might deteriorate. Teeth are constituted with calcium and fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that aid in building healthy teeth and prevent cavities.

With the regular usage of teeth, minerals can be added to your teeth through remineralization, and minerals are lost through the process of demineralization. The minerals and fluoride are lost from the enamel of your teeth when the acids present in plaque work upon the enamel by bacterial activity.

Maintaining good oral health is vital to wade off plaque deposition and formation of tartar on your teeth. Apart from brushing twice a day, regular flossing of teeth is also essential. Micronutrients and minerals as phosphates, calcium, and fluoride are redeposited on the enamel from the food and liquid that you consume.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Dentists in 78660 are trained in fluoride treatment and can guide you accordingly. Once you start losing the fluoride content in your teeth, the teeth tend to become weak. Moreover, teeth lose their natural shine. Once teeth become weak, the chances of chipped tooth or cavities increase manifold.

Trained professionals administer fluoride treatment, and the procedure involves the dentist applying a high concentration of fluoride to a person’s teeth to improve its health and reduce the chances of cavities.

Although dentists in Pflugerville, TX, can help you with fluoride treatment, you can try the same at your home, too, under the dentist’s guidance. The fluoride treatment at home can be done by using fluoride toothpaste, or by using fluoride gels. The visit to the dentist would involve a higher concentration of fluoride. The in-office fluoride treatment includes the administration of fluoride in forms of foam, gel, or varnishes.

The fluorides prevent dental decay by making your teeth more immured to the acid attacks on the enamel. With an unhygienic oral cavity, plaque and tartar get deposited on your teeth. Bacteria thrive on these depositions, and bacterial activity releases acids that react on the enamel.

Importance of Fluoride Treatment

Children between the age of six months to sixteen years need fluoride for proper building and constitution of the teeth. During this period, two sets of teeth are developed. Recent clinical research has revealed that tropical fluorides derived from toothpaste, mouth rinses, and fluoride treatment are equally important in fighting dental decay and strengthening your teeth.

Fluoride treatment is also essential in treating dry mouth conditions. Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth condition is caused by Sjogren’s syndrome, and due to specific medication for treating allergies, and blood pressure issues.

Periodontitis or gum diseases can be treated through fluoride treatment. The gum diseases caused by infections can expose your teeth and roots of teeth to bacterial infection. Even ailments caused by frequent cavities can be treated effectively by a fluoride treatment.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride has several advantages and benefits. The reabsorption of the micronutrients as calcium, phosphate, and fluoride helps in proper restoration and build-up of your teeth and gums. The enamel is strengthened, making it less vulnerable against the acidic reaction caused by bacterial activities on plaque and tartar. Fluorides can also reverse the bacterial activities on your enamel and prevent cavities.

Fluorides can be beneficial to both children and adults. Children can be administered with doses of fluoride through toothpaste to reduces the chances of cavities. Apart from improving your teeth’ health, fluoride treatment can put an end to the recurring medical cost that might be incurred by you to treat cavities.

By slowing the chances of cavities, fluoride treatment can also reduce the chance of gum diseases. Tooth pain can be subsided, and you can prevent premature loss of teeth with a fluoride treatment.

Recommendation for Fluoride Treatment

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