Dental Exams & Cleaning

Dental Exams & Cleaning in Pflugerville, TX

Dental Exams and cleaning in Pflugerville are a crucial part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. At The Grand Family Dental, we address any current or potential problems before they worsen.

Dental Exams in Pflugerville

A comprehensive oral exam involves a thorough evaluation of your entire mouth. Typically, a dental exam in Pflugerville TX starts with a discussion about your health history and current issues. The Grand Family Dental team will ask about any changes such as pregnancy, new medications, or recent diagnoses. If it has been a long time since your last dental exam, or if you have gum disease, you may need to schedule additional teeth cleaning.

Dental Exams at The Grand Family Dental

After a hygienist completes professional teeth cleaning, Our dentist will examine your teeth and soft tissues. Sores, swelling, and redness are causes of concern. Our Pflugerville dentist near you will also measure the pockets between your teeth and gums.

You may also have x-rays taken during your routine dental exam. X-ray images provide a clear view of hidden parts of teeth, tooth roots, gums, and jaw bone. This is a helpful tool that allows our dentist near you, to create the best treatment plan for you. By keeping up with regular dental checkups, you can avoid mouth problems. For that reason, we recommend visits every six months at The Grand Family Dental for optimal oral health.

Teeth Cleaning at The Grand Family Dental

Your teeth and gums are subject to a lot of wear and tear from the foods and drinks you consume every day. Therefore, it is important to schedule regular cleaning at The Grand Family Dental twice a year. By doing so, you keep plaque and tartar buildup under control. Your dentist in Pflugerville uses tools that can reach places that your toothbrush can’t. The result is healthier and cleaner teeth and gums.

During your professional cleaning, either your hygienist or dentist will carefully scrape away tartar from each tooth. The next step is to measure the gum pockets with a small probe. Deep gum pockets are a sign of periodontal disease. If your gums are in ill health, you may be given instructions on how to improve your brushing and flossing techniques.

We have a great experience thanks to the many years of service to the people of North Austin, Pflugerville, Elgin, Round Rock, Manor, Jollyville, and Wells Branch. Book an appointment and come meet our dentist near you.

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