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Dental Sealants in Pflugerville, TX

You may have tried countless over-the-counter products that promise amazing results to protect your child’s teeth against decay, but the benefits only apply if your child sticks to using the product as directed. And as many of us know, kids love cutting corners on their dental care. So, do you wish there was a foolproof way to protect your child’s teeth against decay? If so, The Grand Family Dental has some good news for you. Dental sealants in Pflugerville TX are the product you’re looking for! But wait…there’s even better news. Dental sealants in Pflugerville can help protect adult teeth, too! Our tooth sealant dentist near you, will explain more to you.

What You Need to Know About Preventative Dentistry in Pflugerville

As an adult, you know how important the health of your smile is to you. And chances are, you want to ensure that your little one can enjoy the benefits of a bright smile in their adult life, too. What’s the first thing you can do right now to make that happen? Protect their teeth from decay! Dental sealants work to do exactly that by reducing the risk of acidic attacks that can lead to tooth decay and cavities. It’s the built-in protection that you’ve been wishing for!

The Proof is in the Results

Dental sealants have been shown to reduce decay by up to 70%, and because they can last up to 10 years, your child’s teeth will benefit from this preventive treatment into young adulthood. And if you’re concerned about the components of the materials used, the procedure has been endorsed by both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association – which means the preventative dentistry procedure is approved for both pediatric dental care and adult dental care.

But Wait…There Are Even More Advantages to Dental Sealants

The three biggest advantages of dental sealants over and above helping to prevent dental decay include:

  • One appointment treatment
  • A pain-free application
  • Easy to clean and budget-friendly

The procedure from The Grand Family Dental involves the tooth – or teeth — being cleaned and conditioned to accept the sealant, and then the application of the sealant with a small brush or syringe. It’s that easy!

Make an Appointment Today for Dental Sealants in Pflugerville

Why not make an appointment today with a dentist near you in Pflugerville who offers dental sealants as a form of preventative dentistry? Dental sealant services are now readily available to North Austin, Pflugerville, Elgin, Round Rock, Manor, Jollyville, and Wells Branch residents, all thanks to The Grand Family Dental. The dental care team at The Grand Family Dental looks forward to helping your child achieve the healthy adult smile they deserve!

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