Endodontics in Pflugerville, TX

Endodontics refers to the procedures involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, the pulp. Most commonly, in dentistry, it refers to a root canal treatment. At The Grand Family Dental, our Endodontist in Pflugerville provides endodontic treatment to restore your oral health in Pflugerville. The Grand Family Dental has been offering Endodontics in Pflugerville for years to residents of the neighboring North Austin, Pflugerville, Elgin, Round Rock, Manor, Jollyville, and Wells Branch community.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that is used by our Endodontist near you to remove damage from the pulp of a tooth. The pulp is the innermost area of a tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are located. When decay reaches this area – such as from a cavity that has gone untreated – it threatens the health of the tooth root. The dental pulp is only essential to a tooth during its development, so once it has fully grown, the pulp can be safely removed and replaced with a synthetic filling to restore its health.

When is a root canal needed?

Toothache is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with a tooth. Our dentist near you will examine your teeth closely to determine whether a root canal is needed. In addition to being performed to remove decay, a root canal may be needed when a tooth has become fractured or cracked, which can occur without you realizing it.

What happens during a root canal?

A local anesthetic will be applied to minimize pain and discomfort. A sheet of rubber called a “dental dam” will be placed around the affected tooth in order to isolate it and keep it dry during the procedure. A hole will be made into the top (crown) of the tooth in order to access the inside. In most cases, our dentist near you will have taken some x-rays to get a better look at the tooth and the underlying bone. The affected tooth pulp will be removed and the inside of the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly and reshaped. Smoothing down the inside of the tooth will discourage bacteria from collecting there again. The canal will then be filled with a biocompatible material to restore the structure to the tooth so that it can be used as normal again. The tooth will usually be topped with a crown, which will require a follow-up appointment.

If your tooth has become affected with severe decay, Schedule an appointment with our dentist at The Grand Family Dental can help restore it to health in Pflugerville with a root canal treatment near you.

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