Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Pflugerville, TX

There are many reasons why people may need Tooth Extraction in Pflugerville TX. However, most people do not want to get any teeth extracted due to the gaping hole it leaves in the smile. Sometimes though, the best thing for your oral health may be to have a tooth extracted. This is because the problematic tooth may pose more of a threat to your health by remaining in the mouth than by being removed.

Tooth extraction in Pflugerville is a relatively standard procedure. At The Grand Family Dental, our goal is to make sure that if your tooth does need to be extracted that we provide you with the most comfortable and stress-free experience possible. We also offer you various prosthetic options to restore your smile after your extraction.

Why Are Extractions Needed?

When it is recommended to extract a tooth, it is because the tooth presents a health hazard in the mouth. A tooth could be fractured, or there could be an infection in the tooth that is somewhat localized. Once all methods of saving the tooth have been exhausted, we recommend pulling the tooth. At this point, we will numb the area and use forceps to pull it out gently. Once this is complete, you will bite down on the gauze for about a half-hour to make sure the socket properly clots. Then the goal is to make sure the healing process goes all the way.

What to Do After Extractions?

Once your extraction is complete, our tooth removal dentist near you, will have you rest up while the area heals. At this point, our dentist will present you with prosthetic options. You could either go with an implant or a bridge. Implants are an excellent option because they most closely replicate your actual teeth. If you want something that is a bit less expensive and does not require multiple appointments, then a dental bridge is the right choice for you. Both options are great ways to restore your smile to its full health and beauty.

Are you a resident of North Austin, Pflugerville, Elgin, Round Rock, Manor, Jollyville, and Wells Branch in need of a dentist near you? Extractions are not easy for patients, but at The Grand Family Dental, our goal is to make the process simple and pain-free, give us a call today or schedule an appointment with our tooth removal dentist near you.

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