The Vital Role of Restorative Dental Implants for Your Oral Health

The Vital Role of Restorative Dental Implants for Your Oral Health

Jan 18, 2021

Missing teeth can adversely affect your smile’s appearance, restricted diet, and cause dental complications if left untreated.Tooth loss is caused by traumatic injuries from unprecedented occurrences that cause knock-outs. Periodontal diseases or severe decay may require a dental extraction procedure. Dental implants are ideal solutions in replacing missing teeth and restoring your dental functionalities. Our dentist in 78660 may recommend you to undergo a dental implant procedure if you have one or more missing teeth as a viable alternative to prevent future dental complications.

Dental implants are suitable restorative prosthetics since they are permanent. They provide you with a natural-looking and cosmetically appealing smile and restore all your dental capabilities by stimulating the growth of your jawbone that has deteriorated. They are durable and custom-made, and they are friendly to your oral tissues. Your dental specialist designs the permanent fixtures and ensures you regain your dental structure.

What’s a Tooth Implant?

A tooth implant refers to an artificial tooth root inserted into your jawbone to support a bridge or a tooth replacement. It’s an ideal restorative procedure if you’ve lost a natural tooth due to traumatic injury, periodontal disease, or extraction.

There are two types of implants, namely:

  • Endosteal implants that are inserted into your jawbone
  • Subperiosteal implants that rest on your jawbone top and under your gum tissue

Our dentist in Pflugerville, TX, can recommend you a suitable tooth implant to restore your natural functionalities and restore your confident smile. We use safe techniques and administer local anesthesia to alleviate pain during the surgically-invasive procedure.

What Makes You a Suitable Candidate for Dental Implants?

Our dentist in Pflugerville, TX, checks on your medical history and determines whether you are a suitable candidate for implants. Your gum tissues should be healthy, and your jaw bone mass should be adequate to support the implant. Underlying health issues require a drug regimen before the tooth implant procedure is performed. It would be best to have implants to address the following needs:

  • Joint pains and oral malocclusions caused by shifting teeth to the space left by missing teeth
  • Enhancing your facial tissues
  • Restoring your confident smile
  • Supporting dentures or dental bridges
  • Resolving chewing and speech issues

It’s essential to take care of your teeth implants by maintain proper oral hygiene and making routine visits to the dentist near you. Implants replace your missing teeth without affecting the surrounding teeth and tissues.

What to Expect During the Procedure

During your dental visit, your dentist in 78660 will evaluate your oral tissues’ condition to determine whether you are ideal for the procedure. If you are suitable for the approach, an incision is made on your gum tissue, and your affected site is prepared for the surgical incision through specialized tools. A titanium rod is inserted into your jawbone, and it’s used to support an artificial tooth. Your jawbone may undergo bone grafting to ensure a successful integration if the bone mass is inadequate.

The jawbone underneath the missing tooth must be healthy to support the attachment. Upon a successful surgically-invasive procedure, your gum tissues are stitched using sutures to facilitate the healing process. Local anesthesia is administered to alleviate pain during your procedure. Your oral surgeon may use sedation dentistry approaches if you have high anxiety about the process. Healing can take about three months, and a crown is placed to enhance complete restoration.

Benefits of having Dental Implants

Teeth implants provide you with standard care by replacing extracted or missing teeth. They replace your missing natural and permanent teeth and restore multiple dental functionalities. Below are various benefits of having a tooth implant:

  • Improved oral hygiene and nutrition
  • Minimizing bone loss
  • Lessening the potential risks to the adjacent oral tissues
  • Restoring your natural eating habits
  • Preserving your natural dental outlook and facial contouring

If you have several missing teeth, implant-supported dentures can be used to restore your dental structure. Attachments held by implants support the prostheses. A tooth implant is vital in supporting artificial teeth and stimulates your natural bone. At Grand Dental, we restore your tooth capabilities by performing an implant procedure to a missing tooth. Implants are suitable and durable for supporting dental prosthetic appliances that replace missing teeth. Please make an appointment with the dentist near you today and undergo an implant procedure. We also offer services in surrounding areas such as Wells Branch, Sarah’s Creek, Windermere, Lief Johnson, Round Rock, Manor and Jollyville

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