What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Fillings

What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Fillings

Aug 02, 2021

Premature tooth loss is a very common problem in dentistry among many adults. Efforts to take care of your teeth may not be enough to spare you from dental caries and tooth decay. Thankfully, dentists near you in 78660 are well equipped and prepared to treat, repair, and restore teeth. If there is a chance to save your natural tooth, a dentist will make sure to do so.

The role of tooth fillings in dentistry is to restore teeth so you can avoid premature tooth loss. If you are set to have a tooth filling procedure, you have to prepare beforehand. While you do not have to worry about encountering a painful procedure, you must learn about the different types of fillings available in dentistry and whether they are suitable for you.

What Are Tooth Fillings?

They are oral materials used in dentistry to treat damaged teeth and restore their structures. Dental fillings in Pflugerville, TX, have been used for several years as dental solutions for restoring damaged teeth, particularly as a consequence of dental decay. With tooth fillings, you can evade the ordeal of having your natural teeth permanently extracted.

Tooth fillings, however, work best for mild and moderate cases of tooth decay. The dental cavities must not be too deep as to entirely compromise the structure of your teeth.

Types of Dental Fillings

A tooth-filling dentist near you will tell you that these oral appliances come in different types. Technically, dental fillings are made of different materials. These differences allow for versatility, ensuring that all patients get what they want and prefer. The different materials include:

  • Silver fillings – also called amalgams. They are the most common types of tooth fillings in dentistry. They feature a metal alloy with silver as the primary material, alongside other metals like copper, zinc, and mercury. They are sturdy and price effective for filling the back teeth.
  • Gold fillings – they feature gold as the primary component, offering patients a luxurious experience. The sturdiness of gold fillings also makes them suitable for treating the back teeth.
  • Composite tooth fillings – they feature tooth-colored composite resin material. The resin material is applied to teeth and hardened using lasers. It is an attractive alternative to other types of fillings, more so for patients who desire an aesthetically pleasing outcome from their treatment. The material may not be as sturdy as its metal counterparts, but it is an appealing alternative to certain patients.
  • Ceramic fillings – they feature tooth-colored porcelain material. The material has aesthetic benefits as is the case with composite fillings. However, porcelain dental fillings are sturdier and better resistant to stains than composites. Although they may be as expensive as gold filling, porcelain fillings can last longer than 15 years, which is not the case with composite fillings.

How to Choose the Best Fillings

Regardless of the type of dental fillings you choose, the procedure of installing them is similar. When choosing tooth fillings, therefore, concern yourself with the intricate factors of fillings and the materials used thereof. For instance, you may need to worry about the type of dental filling you get relative to the location of treatment. Some other factors to consider include the following:

  • Strength – some materials make stronger dental fillings than others. For example, amalgams are sturdier than composite fillings.
  • Cosmetic appeal – if you are in any way concerned about your aesthetic appearance after your procedure, bring it up with your dentist. Ceramic and composite fillings offer cosmetically appealing results compared to other types of tooth fillings.
  • Cost – have a set budget for the amount you are willing to invest in the types of fillings you prefer. Gold fillings may be luxurious, but they are also pricey. If you are working with a very strict budget, you may have to opt for silver fillings, which are usually the most affordable types of tooth fillings.
  • Durability – although no type of tooth filling can last a lifetime, some last way longer than others. For example, porcelain fillings may serve you for longer than 15 years, while composite filling lasts a little over five years before you need a repair procedure.

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